January 2017 Changes

We keep expanding and expanding...

Here are our changes so far this year..

Add Referral pages
- We changed the sorting on the "Add a Referral" page to default with the Main Team Leader first then all then the Team Leader's name alphabetically. This should help Agents quickly add referrals to the main Team Leader.

Referral Page
- Added Visual Status Guide to quickly give you a visual reference of the referral's status in your referral funnel.
- Added the image of the user who referred the referral.

Centers Page
- Now Team Leaders can set the number of days in which referrals should be followed up with. Even though we don't recommend it you even have the ability to turn off follow-up dates for new referrals.

EMOJI is here
- Everyone loves it!!! We added the ability to send Emoji's when texting.

Happy Recruiting!!!
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