We help take the pain out of recruitment management. Specializing in the Keller Williams process, we facilitate recruiting management, guiding new recruits through the on-boarding process while keeping everyone informed.

What our users are saying

  • “I have received 84 referrals in the first 30 day using Recruiting Bridge and have hired 4 agents including a capper! This tool is a game changer!”

    Paul Richardson | Fairfax, Virginia
  • “40 leads and 22 appointments in my first 30 days using Recruiting Bridge”

    Gina Hanson | California
  • “I recruiting over 12 agents this last month strictly from recruiting bridge.”

    Jonathan Dupree | Baton Rouge, LA
  • “I am receiving 15-20 leads a week from my agents using Recruiting Bridge, which led to 16 hires last month!”

    Julio Sanchez | Palm Beach, FL
  • “In the last 30 days I have received 22 referrals and 2 Hires form Recruiting Bridge!”

    Mark Lyon | Miami, FL
  • “40 leads and 6 hires in last 30 days using Recruiting Bridge!”

    Tami Farnsworth | KW Plano
  • “As a successful Team Leader for eight years, now Regional Area Director, receiving recruiting leads and lead follow-up to my agents was one of the most challenging aspects of the role. Nevertheless, I did what I could to follow up either with an email, phone call or just running into my agents in the market center. Recruiting | Bridge has taken the guess work out of receiving agent recruiting leads, and systematized the following up process. The system is so simple and automated that I might think about becoming a TL again! This is one of the best innovations I've seen in quite some time.”

    Michael Zullo, Regional Area Director | Carolinas Region
  • “Prior to using Recruiting | Bridge our market center averaged 8 agent leads and grossed 5 agents a month. Now, after using Recruiting | Bridge for 60 days, our agent lead average has skyrocketed to 40 and we are now grossing on average 13 agents a month. The system works!!”

    Adam Roach, Team Leader | Charleson/Mt. Pleasant, SC.
  • “By far one of the most effective and innovative system for recruit follow-up. Before this system was in place, each possible recruit was directed to a a link, which then had to be followed up manually every time the Team Leader tried, (or did), make contact, then it had to be manually communicated to the referring agent. As you are probably aware, it becomes an almost impossible task to keep everyone informed for every call, meeting and attempt.

    Since implementing Recruiting | Bridge, I receive an easy to read, quick email update, automatically, every step of the way. Not only that, I also have the ability to log-in any time that's convenient for me and see the status of every agent I've recommended.
    It makes "staying in the loop" a piece of cake!”

    Bambi Magraw | Charleston Dwellings
  • “Recruiting | Bridge has been an AWESOME addition to our market center. In my previous 4 years as KW agent I would go to a profit sharing class, get all excited about the idea of building my "tree" and then begin relationships with agents who I would introduce to my team leader ONLY to have them fade away, or worse yet, attempting to stay in constant communication with my team leader (very time consuming and distracting) about who's where in the process. At the end of the day, that just didn't work, therefore I lost interest in connecting my team leader to agents who may be great KW agents and NEED us! That was then....NOW with this new system, I am constantly updated, my "pipeline" of agents I have referred is tracked, AND I am given updates as to the latest conversation so I can work hand in hand with my TL to slowly build trust with the agent and show them (through Follow Up and Follow Through) that this is a quality company that will take their career to the next level and we're here to make sure of that!”

    Brian Whitsitt | Keller Williams Charleston (Mt. Pleasant)
  • “Sharing the company that I so highly respect while growing my profit share tree is very important to me. I am pleased to have another great tool, Recruiting Bridge, to help me manage my priorities! As a "communicator", I find it very satisfying to be acknowledged when I refer and agent. It's even more rewarding to receive follow up information on an ongoing basis as associates are contacted over a period of days, weeks and months. I like "closure", and I love knowing that no one is going to fall through the cracks, thanks to Recruiting Bridge.”

    Ellen Ellemen | Cool Change Properties
  • “Recruiting Bridge is a fabulous accountability tracker as a Team Leader! I received 17 agent referrals the first day and had received several from agents that had never given me one because of the ease of the system. I've imported all of my appointments in there for track ability and helps keep my more organized and accountable.”

    Larry Frawley | Team Leader/CGO, Keller Williams Clear Lake