Public Programs Library has arrived!

Expand your programs. Add programs that other Market Centers have shared to your program library.

We are thrilled to introduce our Public Programs Library! You read that right, PUBLIC!
Users now have the ability to share and use email programs created by other users!
Let’s face it, some of us can create a killer drip campaign in a matter of minutes while others aren’t sure where or how to upload a picture. Well, we’ve got you both covered because together everyone achieves more!

You can access the Public Programs Library by going into your Toolbox > Programs and selecting 'Public Programs Library'.

Once you are in the Public Programs Library you are able to peruse hundreds of Email programs created by all recruiting bridge users! Click ‘View Rules’ to preview the rules created for that campaign and from there you are able to preview what the Email looks like. Like what you see? Add it to your library by simply clicking 'Add to your Library'.

*you are able to see email programs you have already added, or own, labeled ‘In your library’

Not in the sharing mood? When creating your Email Program you can select whether or not you want your program shared with other Market Centers!

We hope this will take the burden of creating new programs off your shoulders and increase your productivity! As always, if you have any questions please reach out to us.

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