QR Code Integration

Now you can customize all of your marketing materials with a custom QR code linked to your landing page. While you advertise your business or listings you can simultaneously build your profit share tree with active, licensed agents.

We are thrilled to announce that you will now be able to have your own QR code linked to your landing page to have printed on your business cards, yard signs and any other collateral. This means you will be putting your landing page into the hands of active agents receiving your marketing materials, business cards or visiting your listings.

What’s a QR code?

Abbreviated for Quick Response Code, a QR Code is a barcode of sorts that is machine-readable and contains information about the item to which it is attached.

In our case it is a 2-d barcode attached to your customized landing page. When scanned with a mobile device, this code will bring people directly to your page where they can enter in their information and will be automatically sent to your Team Leader with your name as the referring agent. Perfect for agents on the go!

Yours in success,
the recruiting | bridge team

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