We know have Eventbrite Integration!

Eventbrite Integration With recruiting | bridge

You now have the best recruitment management tool and the best event management tool at your fingertips! We are excited to announce that we have seamlessly integrated our recruiting | bridge system with Eventbrite! You can now build events in Eventbrite, link it to your recruiting | bridge account and landing pages to easily invite recruits and potential leads to your market Center events and keep your agents up to date on your Market Center’s training calendar!

Get Started:

1. In recruiting | bridge go to ‘My Account’ and connect your Eventbrite account to recruiting | bridge by clicking 'Connect to Eventbrite'

2. Log into your Eventbrite Account, Click Allow and start planning!

Now your upcoming events will be displayed on your ‘Lead Capture’ pages and users who fill out the lead capture form will also be given the opportunity to register for these events. As always if you have any questions about getting started with your new Eventbrite capabilities you can reach us at (843) 303-5600 or contact@recruitingbridge.com.

Yours in success,
the recruiting | bridge team

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