Get recruiting | bridge for free!

With our latest feature released we have now given you the ability to leverage recruiting | bridge across multiple vendors. We know several market centers have a relationship with Real Estate schools and we wanted to make it easier for you to alert them when an 'Unlicensed' lead arrives in your bridge. So we've added the ability to forward them a copy of the lead's information once an 'Unlicensed' lead shows up in your bridge. This will allow them to get them to follow up with this lead quicker, enroll them quicker and shorten the life cycle for them to start producing in your market center.

And since we are not only generating leads for your Market Center but also for your primary "Real Estate" school several Market Centers are subsidizing their cost of recruiting | bridge or leveraging their partner 100% for the cost of our system! It's a Win, Win, Win!

To get to this feature just edit your Market Center details and look for it in your "Referral Rules" section.

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