Drive traffic from Facebook to your recruiting | bridge landing page!

A step by step guide to help you create Facebook ads to drive traffic to you recruiting | bridge landing pages.

  • Determine if you're going to use the Recruit Select domain, or a custom domain. A custom domain can be used for about $12 / year. If a custom domain is used, you’ll need to forward to your recruiting bridge page.
  • You'll need a Facebook Business Page to place the ad.
  • From your FB Business page, click the down arrow in the top right corner and select Create Ads
  • Choose the objective for your campaign. You'll typically want to "Send people to your website"
  • Enter the URL (the domain name you’re going to use)
  • Name the campaign, and then navigate down the page.
    • Audiences - you can either use a custom audience (list of names you’ve uploaded), an audience based on locations, or an audience based on other interests, demographics, professions, etc. You'll also select a target age group and gender for the ads.
    • Next, you'll set a daily budget for the ads and a schedule for the ads to run.
    • You can then "optimize and determine how you are charged". FB defaults to "pay per impressions and 'get more link clicks at the best price'; which is what I often use.
    • You'll then determine the ad scheduling (Whether you only want them to run at certain times, or throughout the day), and if you want FB to spread them throughout the day, or to run the ads as quickly as possible, thus exhausting your daily budget quickly).
    • Next determine how you want the ad to look; do you prefer one main image, or multiple images in an ad.
    • Next, you let FB know which business page you’ll be using (if you have more than one).
    • You'll then enter the text you want to show at the top of the ad, the Headline Text, and an optional description - all used to describe why someone would want to click on your ad.
    • Images and Links - Here you'll choose the pictures you want to use (note that pictures with a large percentage of text in them will be denied by FB). If you want to try multiple pictures, FB will track the clicks and favor the use of the most successful pictures used.
    • Then choose a Call-to-Action button (this is optional)
    • Lastly, choose where you want the ads to show on FB (desktop news feed, mobile news feed, desktop right column, audience network). Typically the desktop news feed and mobile news feed give the best returns.

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