Happy Fourth of July Updates!

We wanted to make you aware of some of the most recent updates that we've introduced. So we are excited and have started this blog. We will keep you aware of the most important updates, news and links to our content.

  • Resolved an issue with the Referred by Agent not sticking on Team Leader referral creation
  • We heard from a lot of Team Leaders that their agents wanted us to resend them their "Welcome email". Now we all Team Leaders to do this on their Users Page. You can simply resend them individually or resend them to all the users.
  • Modified our agent drip campaigns to keep them engaged and submitting referrals
  • Added a section for Team Leaders to keep Private Notes about potential leads
  • Added a production section to a referral. Now you can identify "Mega, Cap, 1/2 Cap, 1/4 Cap, or New" leads
  • At the bottom or the "Referrals" page, we've added a link to upload your weekly, monthly red | careers .csv file
  • Assistant Team Leaders access. This will allow multiple Team Leaders to manage their own recruits but feed into the same pipeline
  • ALC Graph. This will allow you to keep on top of the ALC and put the pressure on them get you quality leads from them.

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