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Lead-to-close system that follows up automatically as you take leads through the recruiting and onboarding process.


Relationship Management
and Applicant Tracking

We simplify the recruiting process from lead received to lead onboarded. With a range of clients, we have a proven track record of success and experience simplifying the recruiting process while expanding results.

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Main Features

Ftricoa Communication
Move recruiting from a paper-based communication system to a streamlined digital solution with seamless lead referral and automatic communication.
Ftricob Marketing
Recruit more efficiently and hire faster with fully customizable marketing pieces, programs and tasks.
Ftricoc Lead Capture Pages
Highlight your company's culture and improve brand awareness while capturing leads with a customizable landing page.
Ftricod Trackable Reporting
Leverage your downloadable pipeline report to track progress and forecast future hires.

Increase the Conversion
Of Your Leads


Maximize your time and efficiency by leveraging your employees and ultimately increase warm leads and appointments held.

1 135 315+


197 924+

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What Our Users Are Saying

  • Paul richardson thumb

    I have received 84 referrals in the first 30 day using Recruiting Bridge and have hired 4 agents including a capper! This tool is a game changer!”

    Paul Richardson
    Fairfax, Virginia
  • Johnathan dupree thumb

    I recruiting over 12 agents this last month strictly from recruiting bridge.

    Johnathan Dupree, Baton Rouge
  • Michael zullo thumb

    As a successful Team Leader for eight years, now Regional Area Director, receiving recruiting leads and lead follow-up to my agents was one of the most challenging aspects of the role. Nevertheless, I did what I could to follow up either with an email, phone call or just running into my agents in the market center. Recruiting | Bridge has taken the guess work out of receiving agent recruiting leads, and systematized the following up process. The system is so simple and automated that I might think about becoming a TL again! This is one of the best innovations I've seen in quite some time.

    Michael Zullo, Carolinas Region
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